Mechanical problems are abundant in cars. It is most beneficial to have an auto mechanic in the family to cut down on the cost of auto repair. But like many people, that is not a luxury many people share. Diagnosing car problems may seem out of one's reach and comprehension, but we here at Epolitos are well versed in diagnostics and repairs.




Many malfunctions that occur in vehicles can be diagnosed as automotive electrical problems. Sometimes the source of an electrical problem in a vehicle can be a broken electrical wire or a blown fuse. All of the electrical components of a vehicle are attached to one another through the wires of the electrical system. There are also many vehicle fuses in this wiring, which protect sensitive automobile components from power surges. Not to mention the vehicles computers. These computers have more computing power than the ones that allowed mankind to travel to the moon.  Our many years of experience have taught us the necessary skills to deal with this specific type of problem.                                                                                                                                                   



Automotive engines are available in both gasoline and diesel configurations. These engines often take a big beating. That's partly because they tend to be used in rugged conditions. In many instances they may be exposed to dirt that clogs their air filters and moisture that corrodes their parts. They may be subjected to sudden accelerations or may be kept running at peak power for longer periods than they were designed. Often times both internal and external components fail. Usually at the most inopportune times. We will take the worries out of these troubling events by performing all your repairs to manufacturers specifications with the best parts available.



No clutch will last forever. The facings on the clutch disc wear as the miles accumulate. The clutch pressure plate and flywheel can become scored, worn, warped or cracked from all the heat and friction generated by the clutch. A perfectly good clutch also can be ruined by oil contamination. Or, the cable or hydraulic linkage can fail, or the release bearing, pilot bearing/bushing or fork can wear out and prevent the clutch from working properly.

There are a variety of things that can go wrong with a clutch. So if you notice that things just aren't the way they were when your car was newer come see us at Epolitos and we will be happy to evaluate the performance of your clutch system for you.



At Epolito's / RSG our brake system inspection examines your entire braking system to accurately determine exactly what problem you have and which brake service will help you get you back on the road safely. Just replacing pads or shoes does not ensure your vehicles braking system is working as the manufacturer designed it to work. Hardware wears down and deteriorates over time. Our auto brake repair service involves updating your hardware is to ensure your braking system functions as it was intended to.